Well after an issue of seeing Dexter’s astounding art, I was feeling a skosh insecure in my own artistic skills. And by skosh, I mean a metric shit ton of insecurity. Just look at Dexter’s art. Who wouldn’t right?

So I decided to work up my own splash page for the issue and sent it to Dexter for him to lay over his own mark making style to keep continuity.

Dexter took one look at my illustration, vomited (I presume) and redid the entire thing.

It was the moment I realized I had been completely superseded by Dexter’s display of bravura.

I immediately thought of Verrocchio, Leonardo Da Vinci’s teacher. Da Vinci apprenticed under the Italian Master, and the two worked on The Baptism of Christ together. When Verrocchio saw the robe that Da Vinci had painted, and saw that is was far superior to his own painting, he put down his brush and never painted again.