I love this page because to me, it is the perfect storm of collaboration.

When Jon and I collaborate together on a story, pitching ideas back and forth, there are many times where there is so much synergy between our thoughts it’s difficult to remember who came up with what. Not so on this page.

I remember really wanting to peg Charlie’s connection to the suffering of the Jews and give it an extra level of weight.

So I do what I usually do, pilfer from my favorite movies, comics and books.

This is Charlie’s girl-in-the-red-coat from Schindler’s List moment.

Seeing a Jewish kid that resembles Jackie Coogan (when he played the Orphan from The Kid, not when he grew up to become Uncle Fester) being rounded up in a Warsaw Ghetto is Charlie’s emotional connection to the atrocities that were happening. I choose to evoke the imagery of Coogan to signal Charlie’s connection to the horrible reality that was occurring. Instead of seeing the masses of nameless victims, it becomes personal and real.

Jon’s idea to have him cross off Depression and change it to Dictator was a stroke of genius. It’s such a nice little visual touch that indicates Charlie choosing to step over the threshold and begin his transformation.