So this is true, not just of Errol, but of a lot of Hollywood celebrities of the time. Very young girls flocked to the City of Stars seeking fame, and were taken advantage of.

In 1943 he was tried for the statutory rape of two 17 year old girls. He even purportedly had nicknamed J.B. short for Jail Bait and S.Q.Q. short for San Quentin Quail. Flynn denied both nicknames.

The trial also put the phrase “In like Flynn” into the American lexicon.

Flynn was acquitted of both charges by a jury comprised of 9 women and three men.

During the trial, Flynn met an 18-year-old cigarette stand worker, Nora Eddington, and invited her to come back to his home. She subsequently got pregnant and became his second wife.

Charlie too had his scandals with underaged girls. He married his first wife, Mildred Harris when she was 16 after a pregnancy scare. He married his second wife, who was 16 at the time, when her parents threatened to press charges of statutory rape after Charlie knocked her up.

Reading about these events was disturbing at first, but the deeper I dug into the accounts the murkier they became. Times were different then, attitudes and society viewed 30 year old rich dudes hooking up with underaged girls differently, and in many of these cases, the parents seemed to be enabling the situation for profit, and the girls were looking for fame, and were often times the pursuers.

I don’t know how I should feel about judging the social mores and behavior of people nearly a century ago based on present day norms and conventions. But who am I to judge anyway. I may not feel comfortable casting judgement on the actions of people long dead, but no way am I above joking about their predilections and showing them to be flawed human beings. That’s the story, here it is, I neither condone nor condemn it. Its up to you dear reader to moralize or not.

Besides, I just want to make a funny book where The Tramp punches the moustache off Hitler.

Oh, that was a spoiler, I guess.