I’m not sure that this reads properly, but Errol is spying on Charlie and Hedy via a two way mirror.

Errol’s Mulholland Farm estate had various secret passages, and two way mirrors. Errol himself was quite candid about his voyeurism. “I acknowledge my own peccadilloes, and if and when there are real incidents, I make no denial, no apology, and I even stand by them.”

But the most amazing little nugget I got was from Hedy Lamarr’s own autobiography, Hedy Lamarr wrote in her autobiography, Ecstasy and Me, “I knew Errol’s house well. Many of the bathrooms have peepholes or ceiling with squares of opaque glass through which you can’t see out but someone can see in.”

So why is Errol peeping in on Charlie and Hedy? Well, that would be a spoiler…