Not only is a major theme of this book a rallying cry to endeavor to be civic minded and oppose evil, but I also wanted to chart Charlie’s arc of transforming from a middle-aged and complacent man to a man who embraces change, new friends and maturity.

Chaplin turned 50 when he made The Great Dictator. His best friend and fellow founder of United Artists, Douglas Fairbanks, died during the shoot. Not only was The Great Dictator a departure from Chaplin’s largely apolitical movies (as apolitical as any movie can be), it was also his first movie where he didn’t portray The Tramp, and it was his first talking feature. A lot of change indeed for a man who was entering the latter part of his life.

It’s no coincidence that I was compelled to tell this story, as turning 40 was a huge motivator for me in deciding to create a graphic novel and see it through fruition.