Dexter has been upping his expression game, so I decided to push him a little further.

This represents what I love most about the collaborative process. If I was writing and drawing this in my own little isolated bubble of a world, I probably wouldn’t have included the center five panels of Charlie trying on different mustaches. The idea came from seeing Errol’s eureka reaction on issue 3 page 4. I loved that moment so much I decided to give Dexter more expressions to draw.

There are three references in this page. The mustache sequence was inspired by Calvin and Hobbes, the “It’s showtime!” bit from one of my favorite movies, All That Jazz, which Better Call Saul brilliantly homaged in season 1, and then there’s a “little” nodd to Shinji Ikari. It was really hard not to have Pen Pen walk across after this.

Calvin and Hobbes faces