Errol’s character as I have written him has been leading to this moment. In his autobiography, My Wicked, Wicked Ways, Errol paints himself as being a reckless, braggadocious, personification of the spirit of Hakuna Matata, alpha male. But while I was reading it, I was struck by the narrative that existed between the lines. And I responded to that, admittedly imagined, unprofessional psychoanalysis.

Something about tearing down the machismo of Flynn appealed to me. Plus, hopefully if I did my job correctly, it subverts all of the little clues I laid out of Errol perhaps having sinister motives and instead being all too human.

This is where he is vulnerable for the first time. All of his macho devil may care what people think bravado evaporates and we see that he does indeed care and is very insecure.

The button for this scene was a bit of a struggle. I tend to lean into sentiment and sincerity when I write, and originally, the scene ended with our trio having a group hug. But after talking it through with Jon, and reminding myself that this is an action adventure comedy, undercutting the sincerity with a note of bathos seemed appropriate, and in line with Errol’s character.