This scene originally played out longer, but I decided to follow the old pop music adage, “Don’t bore us, get to the chorus” and just get on with it already. I had to remind myself that the function of this scene in the second act is to be a rock thrown at my cat in the tree.

My philosophy is an amalgam of every screenwriting book I’ve ever read. Blake Snyder’s Save The Cat relies on mainstream formulaic trappings a bit much for my taste, and is admittedly a bit low brow on the screenwriting instruction scale, but I still found some insights in it that has informed my story structure.

Basically, the three acts as he defines them consists of putting the cat into the tree in Act 1, throwing rocks at it in Act 2, and then getting it out of the tree in Act 3. That roadmap keeps me on track and not spending too much time on a story element that is in the large scheme just a rock.