I am so thrilled about how this cover turned out. Dexter straight up murdered it with the pencils and inks and I am extremely satisfied with my job on the coloring.

Dexter and I were chatting (via Facebook messenger as we do on a daily basis) and both agree that for the first time in our professional lives, our skills are finally up to our vision. It is such a gratifying feeling.

Extra credit to anyone who can identify the homage here.

Here’s a little peak at the behind the scenes process.

Dexter’s original sketch: Frequently, there is a bit of back and forth as we try to nail the layout and concept, not just of the cover but the interior sequentials as well. This is what I love most about the collaborative process. I feel that we are able to elevate each other and create something of a higher caliber than we could if we worked in solitude.

Here the original push back I had was that Hedy needed to be the hero of the shot, and she should be more prominent and not be covered as much by Charlie, even though their poses are less realistic.

Dexter’s revised sketch: You can still see the underdrawing of the old Charlie body erased from the board.

Dexter’s inking process: 


Dexter’s finished inks: I love this image so much. Dexter did such an amazing job on it, he really pushed me to bring my A game.


London skyline by Sean: I drew the London skyline using Google Earth as a reference, and scoured vintage photos of the skyline as it appeared in 1940 to be more period accurate. I really wanted to get Big Ben bigger, but that’s as big as I could make it and still have it look right.

Flat colors by Sean:


Whelp, that was the process. Let me know in the comments if this is helpful/interesting. And if so, I’ll do more breakdowns in the future.