As originally written, I interrupted the action between Charlie and Adolph to show the progress of the Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare as they scaled the cliff face and snuck around the castle. But it ate up a lot of pages and disrupted the narrative thrust.

I pined over that for awhile, and looked back to some of my personal inspirations for a solution. That means rereading a lot of Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Don Rosa, Bill Watterson and one of the greatest and sadly underappreciated cartoonists ever, Sergio Aragonés.

In the gutters of Mad Magazine, Aragonés would frequently insert little cartoons that he called “marginals”. They were tiny humorous dramas that would play out vertically, horizontally and often used the form of the page panels to bend around corners.

Well, while reading an old issue of Mad with my daughters, I had a eureka moment, and decided to condense the story and allow the B action of Errol, Hedy and gang to play out in the margins and gutters. It’s the most difficult thing I’ve ever scripted, and it took a lot of work and patience with me on Dexter’s part to pull it off, but pull it off he did.