Our comic starts with Charlie waiting in line to attend the premiere of German auteur director Leni Riefenstahl’s movie, Olympia at the historic movie house, The Delphi-Filmpalast am Zoo in Berlin. Of course, I wanted to use her more famous film, Triumph of the Will, but it premiered 3 years too early for this story.

Trying to remain somewhat factual in this fictional story is challenging. I want it to be historically accurate and authentic, but have to balance that against telling the best story possible.

In this case though, making it as accurate as possible timeline wise made sense, as most people probably haven’t heard of either film, and only know of Triumph of the Will via being referenced in other movies, most notably Star Wars.

Plus, as you’ll see later, Olympia gave me the opportunity to draw a beautiful nude woman, which I tipped onto the blank screen of Dexter’s pages.