Originally the issue ended with the two page spread of the FDR reveal, and then we picked up directly with issue 2. I felt it needed a push.

Here’s a little behind the scenes:


From: Sean McArdle
Date: Thu, Sep 22, 2015 at 11:05 PM
Subject: Re: Chaplin
To: Jon Judy

I think we need to have a strong “Call to Adventure” hook for the end of the first issue. Ya know, typical Campbell Hero’s Journey. We already have the “Refusal of the Call” beginning issue 2, but we don’t see the actual Call.

So how bout this? Lets add in a bit of Charlie slapstick and milk this scene for as much humor as possible. Possibly him accidently dropping his clothes, spilling the iodine on him, pulling him out of his chair, and inadvertently wiggling his dick in FDR’s face. Or something less Jackass and more suitable for Chaplin. And then lead into the Call to Adventure.

Do you think we can wrap up FDR briefing Charlie in a couple of pages? Actually take as many as you need to tell the best story. We can worry about the page count later. I think we can get away with 28 pages max.



And from that nonsense, Jon created this. I’ll just shut up now and let you read what he scripted. Enjoy.