First off, thanks for taking a look at our comic. This has been a labor of love, and personally, this has been an extremely artistically fulfilling project.

Studying the movies of Charlie Chaplin, Errol Flynn and Hedy Lamarr has been an endlessly rewarding experience. Also, their respective autobiographies are fascinating, brisk reads.

My depictions of these real life figures isn’t entirely accurate, but is my love letter to all three of these towering geniuses of the golden age of Hollywood. If nothing else, I hope that you’re entertained enough by my tribute to them that you feel motivated to look up some of their movies and give them a watch.

The concept for The Führer And The Tramp came to me while I was watching the James Franco and Seth Rogen movie, The Interview. At the time of its release, Kim Jong-Un had threatened to assassinate Rogen for making the movie, and it made me ponder, “What if Hitler tried to assassinate Charlie Chaplin while he was making The Great Dictator?”

Two years later and here we are. I envisioned The Führer And The Tramp to be a modern introduction to Charlie Chaplin, no previous knowledge necessary, other than a passing familiarity with the titular Tramp (and of course, Hitler). Tonally, I wanted to capture the physicality of The Tramp, but place him in an Indiana Jones/Jackie Chan action adventure story.

Fleshing out the main cast of characters are Hedy Lamarr and Errol Flynn, creating a Luke/Leia/Han kind of dynamic.

This cover is inspired by the stellar illustrations of movie poster artists Bob Peak and Otello Mauro Innocenti.