Charlie Chaplin – comic, filmmaker, and raconteur – didn’t become the world’s biggest star by courting controversy, but when he comes face-to-face with the horrors of Hitler, he feels compelled to get off the sidelines and get involved. And then Charlie is approached by FDR himself with a special assignment. His mission, if he chooses to accept it: create a propaganda film to drum up public support for joining the war in Europe.

And so Charlie goes from movie maker to provocateur, traveling the world and dodging danger to complete his film. With the help of undercover agent Hedy Lamarr, her handler Errol Flynn, and British patriot Alfred Hitchcock, Chaplin faces down American fascists, Nazi spies, and his own massive self-doubt to complete his masterpiece.

But just because the film is done doesn’t mean the mission is, and little tramp and great dictator go toe-to-toe, Charlie and Adolph, one-on-one, mano a mano in a rip-roaring climax that fully delivers on the promise of the premise.


Sean McArdle is a writer, artist and a college professor based in Canton, Ohio. Over the past ten years he’s worked for a diverse array of publishers including Image Comics, IDW, and Arcana Studio

He juggles his time between being a comic creator, commercial and music video director, full-time in house multi-media director at a manufacturing company and adjunct professor at Kent State University. You can see evidence for all of that multi-tasking here.

His current comic projects include The Führer and the Tramp, Wolves of Babylon and Sonic Euthanasia.


Dexter Wee is a self-taught artist based in Zamboanga City, Philippines.

He's been drawing for comic books since 2007, including the graphic novels SWERVE written by Jon Judy, AnaChronistic with Matthew McClean, Patriot-1 with Kevin Powers, SECRETS and SHADOWS with Jon Parrish, as well as the anthology book Murky Depths, Image Comics OUTLAW TERRITORY Vol. 3 and TALES OF THE STARLIGHT DRIVE-IN. In 2017 Dexter and writer Neal Bailey completed the web comic Cura Te Ipsum.

Dexter current projects includes The Führer and the Tramp and Wolves of Babylon with Sean McArdle, Black Suit of Death with Benjamin Kreger and Edward Ellsworth, The Domain with Neal Bailey, MegaCenturions with Jon Parrish, and a crime noir OGN with Anthony Fabro.


My name is Jon Judy. I was blinded with science. My remaining senses function (more or less). I live in Canton, Ohio, and do my best to keep it clean. That’s all you need to know.